Bhagya Lakshmi 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update:

The Episode begins offevolved with Balwinder searching on the Ravan and hears Rishi’s voice. He thinks if Rishi received cognizance. Rishi says I will now no longer depart you Balwinder, as soon as I come out. Balwinder performs the tune device saved close to the Ravan and thinks no person will pay attention him today, his price price tag to heaven is sure. He sees Malishka coming and attempts to move hiding his face. Malishka holds his collar and asks him to mention wherein is Rishi? She says if something takes place to Rishi, then she can be able to kill him even supposing she receives cling punishment. Balwinder says I love Lakshmi greater than you like Rishi. He says he believes on Ravan and that’s why forgiving her today. Malishka says you? He asks her to consider herself as Lakshmi is asking at right here, and he or she will make your lifestyles hell. Malishka says blo*dy hell and is going. Balwinder says Swaha.
Lakshmi comes close to the Ravan and calls Shalu. Rishi appears at Lakshmi from the opening. Lakshmi asks Shalu if Subhu received cognizance. Shalu says no. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Rishi sees her and says I am right here inner, asks her to look inner. Lakshmi feels that Rishi is right here inner, however wherein. Rishi asks Lakshmi to store him. He closes her eyes and asks in case you are listening to me. Lakshmi says yes, I can pay attention you. Rishi says I am caught in the Ravan, study me. Lakshmi appears at Ravan and realizes he’s inner seeing his clothes. Rishi says I am in the Ravan, store me. Lakshmi sees Ayush approximately to hearthplace arrow on the Ravan and attempts to forestall him, however Ayush doesn’t see her and fires the arrow. The hearthplace arrow falls close to the Ravan and the hearthplace catches up soon. Lakshmi runs in the Ravan. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi positioned him. Rishi asks Lakshmi to move from there, seeing the hearthplace stuck up all round him. Lakshmi says she can be able to now no longer depart him. Lakshmi climbs at the tied timber logs to untie Rishi. Balwinder selections a stone and throws at Lakshmi’s head. Lakshmi asks who has tied you right here. Balwinder throws stone on her head and he or she faints. Rishi thinks if she falls down then gets hurt. He manages to maintain her together along with his tied hands, and hugs her and says I can’t stay with out you, I don’t need to lose you, I need to stay with you, I such as you and asks her to open her eyes. He says I will now no longer allow something show up to you.
Lakshmi profits cognizance and says I will now no longer allow something show up to you. Rishi asks her to open her eyes and saves him, being his savior. They see Ayush approximately to hearthplace hearthplace arrow again. They shout Ayush. Rishi asks Lakshmi to move from there, and allow him die. lakshmi slaps Rishi and says in case you say this then I will kill you, I will die however will now no longer depart you. Rishi says you can’t store me. Lakshmi says if I can’t prevent then I will die with you. Rishi asks what we can do. Ayush fires the hearthplace arrow. It hits Ravan’s belly and is derived inner. Lakshmi holds the arrow on the proper time, earlier than the arrow hits Rishi. Virender sees Lakshmi’s dupatta piece popping out of Ravan and asks Ayush to forestall, says Lakshmi is there so Rishi can also be there. Ayush is taken aback and says I had shot hearthplace arrow on them. Dadi asks them to move and store Lakshmi and Rishi. Kiran tells Malishka that Lakshmi and Rishi are in the Ravan. Malishka remembers Balwinder’s words.
Ayush and Virender come in the Ravan. Lakshmi asks Ayush to do something. Lakshmi attempts to open the rope. Balwinder thinks to burn Rishi and thinks he has to burn Lakshmi too. He units hearthplace at the arrow and hits at the Ravan. The arrow is going in the Ravan and her dupatta catches hearthplace. Rishi and Lakshmi fall down. Neelam says who has shot this arrow. Malishka and others see the arrow fired on the Ravan. Lakshmi faints. Rishi calls her and says not anything will show up to you. He takes subconscious Lakshmi outdoor the Ravan. Ayush and Virender additionally come out. Rishi brings Lakshmi to their room and asks her to rise up and benefit cognizance, and says you’ve got got stored me. She says rise up for me, I requested you to store your self and allow me die, however you didn’t pay attention to me. He says I am with you and could now no longer allow something show up to you. He asks Neelam to look what Lakshmi did. He asks Virender to invite Lakshmi to benefit cognizance. He says she is robust and could have rise up through now. He asks Virender to name physician. Virender says he already called. Rishi asks Lakshmi to benefit cognizance and asks Virender to name physician again. He asks her to open her eyes for him. Malishka is taken aback to pay attention his love and take care of Lakshmi.
Neelam asks Rishi to relax and says she can be first-rate. She asks him to look himself. Malishka asks in case you are first-rate? Rishi shouts announcing he’s first-rate, and Lakshmi is hurt. He asks Neelam to wish for Lakshmi and if something had occurred to him then he can be first-rate seeing Lakshmi first-rate. He asks them to wish for Lakshmi. Ayush comes there. Neelam asks how did you move in the Ravan? Rishi says we can speak later, after Lakshmi receives first-rate. Doctor comes and tests her. He says she had fainted because of the trauma. He asks what occurred exactly. Neelam says she fell close to the Ravan. Doctor says she is first-rate. Rishi says she didn’t benefit cognizance yet. Doctor says she can be first-rate and asks them to get the medicine. He leaves. Shalu comes there and asks Ayush what did Doctor say? Ayush says Doctor requested Lakshmi now no longer to take stress. Karishma says all of us heard. Neelam asks Rishi to tell, how he reached there? Virender asks him. Rishi remembers Balwinder taking him there.

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