Bilingualism May Stave Off Dementia, Study Suggests

Speaking two languages provides the enviable ability to make friends in unusual places. A new study suggests that bilingualism may also come with another benefit: improved memory in later life. Studying hundreds of older patients, researchers in Germany found that those who reported using two languages daily from a young age scored higher on tests … Read more

A Century-Old Vaccine Fails to Protect Against Covid

An old tuberculosis vaccine known to bolster the immune system did not prevent Covid infections among health care workers, scientists reported on Thursday. But the trial was shorter and smaller than originally designed, and the investigators said that the results did not rule out other potential benefits associated with the vaccine, known as B.C.G. for … Read more

Kaiser Permanente to Acquire Geisinger

What’s Next: Regulatory Review Federal and state regulators must approve the deal. While Mr. Adams did not say what other health systems he might be talking to regarding acquisitions, Kaiser said it hoped to invest $5 billion in Risant over the next five years, in addition to its spending on Kaiser’s core operations. The company … Read more

F.D.A. Approves Drug for Rare Form of A.L.S.

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday authorized the first drug for a rare genetic form of the neurological disorder A.L.S., despite uncertainty about the treatment’s effectiveness. The decision reflects the agency’s push toward greater flexibility in approving treatments for patients with devastating illnesses and few, if any, options. Biogen, the pharmaceutical company bringing the … Read more

She Redefined Trauma. Then Trauma Redefined Her.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In the fall of 1994, the psychiatrist Dr. Judith Herman was at the height of her influence. Her book “Trauma and Recovery,” published two years earlier, had been hailed in The New York Times as “one of the most important psychiatric works to be published since Freud.” Her research on sexual abuse … Read more