An Appeals Court Gave the Sacklers Legal Immunity. Here’s What the Ruling Means.

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court granted members of the billionaire Sackler family a legal golden key that they had been seeking for nearly four years: The Sacklers will be shielded from all civil opioid claims related to their company, Purdue Pharma, the maker of the prescription painkiller OxyContin. In exchange, they have agreed to … Read more

Walmart Raises Wages for Pharmacists and Opticians

The News Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, said on Wednesday that it was increasing the wages for its 7,700 pharmacists and opticians, as it expands its health business and seeks to retain the workers in a competitive environment. The retailer said the raise would push the average annual salary of its than more 3,700 … Read more